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Danites for Toshiko escort wrote:
I will see my BF this weekend. see the review
Navette for Allvarsd escort wrote:
I have never seen a counselor before, so I am unsure of how it all works, but I am interested in seeing someone. see the review
Maya for Jiva escort wrote:
Couple therapy isn't a great idea when you have done things that will likely end your relationship it your partner finds out. I think it's best to not attempt to manipulate the outcome, it's beyond your control. What I'm saying is, your boyfriend may not want this relationship after he finds out, therapy is a waste if he isn't committed. see the review
Ronnie for Semsudija escort wrote:
Perhaps the counselor could help guide the confession? see the review
Lewes for Ausa escort wrote:
The ONLY one who can be honest with him is you... so you will just need to tell him. see the review
State for Negedework escort wrote:
And there's no value in couples counseling until you get individual counseling to help you understand exactly why you chose to cheat on a perfectly good man/relationship - and what you need to learn in order to never cheat again. see the review
Sepiidae for Lily Mei escort wrote:
Do those two things first. Tell the truth and get yourself help. see the review
Zananas for Chemutai escort wrote:
Another thing, you stated that your were each other's first and only lover. You have thrown that balance totally off. No man worth his testosterone will let that fact stand uncontested. Are you prepared to stand by and watch while your BF engages in an affair where you have no control over the outcome? He may get the other girl pregnant and need to pay child support payments for the next 18 years... are you prepared to accept that in your life? And, just as he had no control over the outcome of your affair, are you prepared to accept that he may actually fall in love with the other woman and actually want to spend time with her? He may become your husband officially, but have a long term mistress on the side forever. Are you willing to live with that knowing you caused it? Think real hard on this... see the review
Demott for Rose Charlotte escort wrote:
It looks like you've made the correct decision. So I'm just piling on here. Sorry. see the review
Oneida for Nastyalux escort wrote:
I've seen a lot of "it was a one time thing" or "I was drunk" type cheating posts. Not that that's an excuse, but..........if it's a one time thing probably more excusable (yeah, levels of excusability, what the hell is that?!) than five times over five months. That means you had PLENTY of time to think about what you did the first time, but still did it four more times. It wasn't a "crime of passion". It was thought out and performed.........four more times!!!!!! see the review
Hocking for Omorisiuwa escort wrote:
One question - Does your BF live close by? Again, not trying to establish level of how excusable it is (or maybe I am), but was your boyfriend close enough to provide physical affection? Or was it a "I haven't had sex for a year because the BF doesn't live close by" kind of thing? see the review
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