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Farle for Kalou escort wrote:
We've talked on the phone a fair bit but tbh , not feelin the vibe. Damn. see the review
Cliques for Suleikha escort wrote:
Ah well. see the review
Edwards for Karlin escort wrote:
Yeah l could see it like that. see the review
Creepie for Molly escort wrote:
But at the end if the day if you just don't click in person, well ! see the review
Furless for Jelan escort wrote:
l'd still go see her and try if there was something but talking in person well , don't think it can change and she's 3hours away so. see the review
Vikings for Diamond Marie escort wrote:
But on the other , still love her page and looks and things she talks about which all seemed different to the person on the phone but, bit by bit they are coming out. see the review
Saberwing for Pia Lisa escort wrote:
Either way should I be worried? I’m fairly interested, but it’s more so I just don’t want to get burned again. I just don’t want to potentially invest in something down the line if there may be a red flag. see the review
Guthrie for Lana escort wrote:
My initial thought right off is your the rebound person. see the review
Ruginis for Ateeqah escort wrote:
Yes because a week of being broken up before he met you is nothing in continuum of how much time he needs to spend on his own before he is emotionally clear to be with someone new. see the review
Fuds for Kajsla escort wrote:
How long were they dating one another? If they were dating longer than a year then yeah, it's too soon for him to be completely over her and clear in his feelings so that he can move forward with no emotional impediments. see the review
Wed for Ardijane escort wrote:
Either way OP just casually date. This early in the game that’s what you should be doing anyways. see the review
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