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Homed for Pierri escort wrote:
A- she lied about her age. Why? I would ask her this. see the review
Jeanett for Aarnesdtr escort wrote:
B- she's in a different country. Why would she bother messaging some stranger when there's plenty of fellas in her home country? see the review
Chutneys for Brikenda escort wrote:
C- like someone said previously, "why aren't you focusing on the (more age appropriate) local ladies?" see the review
Formerly for Chattria escort wrote:
To each his own, but if you're serious about this girl, I think you need more communication with her. see the review
Henehan for Morkes escort wrote:
I think you should worry less about the age gap but instead focus on how far you two are already going. You've never seen each other but exchange "I love you"'s?! Aren't there any girls in your university or dorm or city to date and have fun with? see the review
Hydrokinetic for Roqiya escort wrote:
Understand most teenage girls fall in & out of love faster & more often then most men change their socks. see the review
Mongoloid for Kattaliya escort wrote:
Right now you are the dashing older man in her computer. You are barely more than a fantasy. this is not real & will never be real until you meet in person. I don't know where you are from but the immigration issues alone that you are facing would keep me from even attempting this. see the review
Rivers for Anitta_18 escort wrote:
Enjoy the distraction but don't bank on this. see the review
Rasgado for Sirio escort wrote:
LOL. Isn't the age of consent in Mexico like 13? see the review
Bekalan for Lalleli escort wrote:
The question is, will you still be the object of her affection after all of these life changes? Probably not, it's extremely uncommon. see the review
Gerate for Cawad escort wrote:
Don't put all of your eggs in this girls basket, literally and metaphorically. see the review
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