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Raleigh for Nezifa escort wrote:
If your BF is worth his salt, he will leave you for good. (And he should, in my opinion.) see the review
Crinite for Filey escort wrote:
I truly am in love with him. I am completely remorseful and do not know what to do. I cannot lose him, and we are planning to get engaged soon (within a year). see the review
Bawn for Ana Florica escort wrote:
A Very mild case of regret see the review
Enforce for Noorulhuda escort wrote:
Blunt Enough? see the review
Germens for Broula escort wrote:
Trust that whatever happens (whatever decision he makes and you make) is for the best and you WILL be ok no matter what. see the review
Kalogeros for Abduljebar escort wrote:
Keep in mind, confession isn't going to hurt him, you having a F-buddy is what's going to hurt him. see the review
Nossiop for Shokrieh escort wrote:
He deserves to know NOW. You have no right to unilaterally decide what kind of woman and relationship he is willing to have/be a part of. see the review
Gmaltby for Kassiopeia escort wrote:
Also, the other mans girlfriend deserves to know as well. see the review
Sweven for Keje escort wrote:
And I agree with the others - love doesn't look like this, please stop saying you love him more than yourself - the evidence shows you don't. Nor do you respect or honor him - so at this point marriage should be completely off the table knowing your currently unable to know what love looks like and what being faithful should look like. see the review
Polygons for Tina Elina escort wrote:
But first get completely honest - that's key. see the review
Krohmer for Quelma escort wrote:
Good choice. You will come to see it is the right choice for you too. Not telling him could mean he proposes to you because of who he THINKS you are, not who you really are. Staying with him may sound like what you want right now, but truth is that it will sit heavy on your shoulders in the years to come to realize that he only loves a false idea of you, and doesn't truly know who you have been to him. You will never feel truly loved by him unless you give him the chance to truthfully see who you are, and let him decide that that is what he wants. Five times is not a mistake in judgment...its purposeful. see the review
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