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Gondi for Sarah_Douce escort wrote:
Let's just set this straight, truth is you wanted the sex, somewhere in the back of your head you wanted it, because you had loads of opportunities to put a stop to it, because let's face it you weren't sitting there with your arms at the side like an inanimate rag doll were you? see the review
Nittany for Stanger escort wrote:
So now you're trying to find an explanation to why? You could have said no but you didn't and that will always be with you, so all you can do from now is just be the best dad and boyfriend you can be, my only worry is she cheated before then you cheated now a year on she's still guilt tripping you, so it might end up being a cycle of recrimination. Good luck though see the review
Florie for Chilentana escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Zebulon see the review
Sapiens for Njunile escort wrote:
Yeah, I'm sorry to pick this part of the post, but honey, as a woman who's been on the wrong end of forced advances, this is just bullschyt. see the review
Tootles for Kristina Emanuelsdotter escort wrote:
Unless this girl was a 6-foot-thirteen Amazon with biceps like a bull's behind, - you could have stopped at absolutely any given moment. see the review
Aaronrp for Gorjiya escort wrote:
Look at how you contradict yourself.... see the review
Drillman for Cheriya escort wrote:
At this point I know very well what is going on and I have never stated to my girlfriend of almost four years now that I didn't at that point. see the review
Swingby for Kayo escort wrote:
I didn't want it, I explained it, I tried pulling back, I tried pulling out, I tried everything, I should've stopped it when the kissing and touching from her started. But I didn't, but that doesn't mean I expected it to turn into Sex. see the review
Criticize for Turkye escort wrote:
You're kidding, right...? see the review
Kerlick for Tanavadee escort wrote:
A girl climbs onto you, starts kissing you, pulling your pants down as well as her own - and you didn't expect it to turn into sex? see the review
Defeating for Artursdotter escort wrote:
'tried... tried.... tried.... should have..... but didn't....' that's all on you. see the review
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