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Ankus for Lazarinka escort wrote:
But you should dig deep and consider your most deeply held values. If you feel bullied into staying because "That's what a REAL man would do" then you are are falling into a very disgusting trap. see the review
Barberi for Jarine escort wrote:
Think hard on this. see the review
Numidia for Thierno Isaah escort wrote:
Do not listen to me, there are many websites about this. nomoremrniceguy is one. Another is thegoodmenproject. There are also mens rights activists websites that will help you gain perspective. The only thing I will caution you on is that women are not evil. Some men on these sites are so hurt that they take it all out on women. Try to balance this as you read. see the review
Villian for Sheakah escort wrote:
Good luck. I wish you the best. see the review
Virtamo for Miccaela escort wrote:
I'm not going to judge. But I will suggest that you have learned a very valuable lesson. And your girlfriend is absolutely right. I'm old, but I figured out long ago that hanging around a party late at night when the only people left are me and someone of the opposite sex (who is not my significant other) is a bad idea. A really, really bad idea. see the review
Retread for Manwinder escort wrote:
I maintain that being drunk is never an excuse for bad behaviour. Ever. see the review
Kciwraw for Margo Ve escort wrote:
Originally Posted by It's Just Me see the review
Proktos for Bethelhem escort wrote:
My company has annual general meetings every year, and it's a bigass party. I make it a point to head for my room by 11:00 or so. Every year, the next morning, I hear about the BS that happens in the wee hours, when everyeone is drunk out the wazoo. Don't get me wrong - I can tie one on with the best of them, but I pick my moments. see the review
Twa for Kondelia escort wrote:
What do you mean she's right? Can you go into detail about that? see the review
Idaho for Faleeha escort wrote:
I don't buy it, if this were a girl there would be people flaming her for not stopping it. see the review
Uncoded for Sointu escort wrote:
Dude you make out like this girl forced herself on you, forced your pants down, forced you to kiss her, forced you inside her or in your words "you didn't stop it" see the review
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