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Sizars for Tirahas escort wrote:
Yes, you need to tell him. You're young and have time to learn healthy boundaries. Flirting with the opposite sex, in most circumstances, is the straight road to disaster. The only people that I can imagine can do it while remaining faithful to their spouse are those with years of sexual and relationship experience. Not for a girl in her early twenties. see the review
Benthal for Daruselam escort wrote:
This sounds like sexual assault to me. You were drunk, said no, asked him to leave, and he pressured you into the act. You were left in tears. see the review
Hewet for Xu escort wrote:
Now I know that next time I'm involved in a poor decision, just cry afterwards. It'll solve the problem and I'll automatically be a victim. see the review
Manzius for Archange escort wrote:
I'm going to lose my vagina hat and feminist card for this but... see the review
Cutter for Eminette escort wrote:
Originally Posted by niji see the review
Ratings for Ayamey escort wrote:
Now, he did a little pressuring, and she gave in to it. There was no threat or violence involved as far as we could see. What makes it sexual assault then? see the review
Fombona for Lena Ragna escort wrote:
To get out of such a situation: Excuse yourself to freshen up....Lock yourself in the bathroom with your phone, then through the door tell him to leave and that you are calling the police. If he doesn't leave call 911 to have him removed. see the review
Cushing for Chin Ping escort wrote:
Please tell him before you have sex with him again. see the review
Shaner for Abdulhaj escort wrote:
How would you feel if while you were gone, he had an A and gave you stds? see the review
Catrina for Chemutai escort wrote:
im sure glad your not my girlfriend ! see the review
Insulate for Russina escort wrote:
but you do need to tell him so he can get tested for stds. see the review
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