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Pluffy for Etab escort wrote:
In that sense: shall I just keep quiet for a while to let him process? Or remind him after some time about our conversation, and be more direct? Or actively start changing the things that I don't like if the communication doesn't work? see the review
Invasionist for Queandra escort wrote:
I was listening to this really interesting shrink on radio. He said people think that communicating is about talking and expressing frustrations, it's not, it's about listening really listening. Most of the time we speak up then while the other person is replying we don't offer our full attention we're already working on our next reply. see the review
Effluvium for Cercado escort wrote:
People also think that if you've communicated successfully than their partner will agree with them. Wrong. see the review
Arpanet for Karlin escort wrote:
Your boyfriend heard you. He also told you he is happy just the way things are. Have you listened? Is your idea of communication is to convince him to think like you? If you want a compromise than flat out ask for one. Honey! I miss being in my home I want at least 2 night out of the week at my place. Done! see the review
Bulldog for Tsedevsuren escort wrote:
We also text a lot (she texts me first about half the time). She always find some time for me and looks like she cares. Not long ago she also said that she feels really good with me, but I think she was drunk that night. However, today the texting didn't end well. She looked less enthousiastic after our date talking a lot about her former relationship and that she wants to keep spending time with me but that she still thinks about her ex and that it is all f*cked up in her head. She also said that it's going too fast and I shouldn't expect much even if she still has an interest in me. see the review
Reiner for Aleth escort wrote:
i couldn't take her serious see the review
Carrick for Pierri escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Bobbi7 see the review
Boles for Kurt escort wrote:
So, this guy that I've been talking to on OLD, asked me what my plans were for the weekend, I told him that I was going to a friends wedding. Today, he asked me "what day was the wedding at" and "where was this wedding at?" I'm like..why is he asking-its almost like he's being too nosy. see the review
Maurits for Alamelu escort wrote:
Sounds kind of he's planning to crash it. I'd tell him some random church in the next town. see the review
Glassblower for Anna Marthe escort wrote:
maybe he's going to the same wedding and you have mutual friends!! Wouldn't that be weird?? see the review
Hotchpot for Aniuska escort wrote:
If you haven't met in person that may be a bit TMI. But otherwise maybe he's asking so he knows which day you'll be tied up and asking which location so he has sometihng to talk to you about. see the review
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